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Nastassja Taylor
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a 26 year old female from California. I am trying my best to become a better artist
I love Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Sengoku Basara, Suikoden, Phantasy Star Series, Vocaloid, Tales of, BLEACH, The Ravages of Time, Gaia Online, Sailor Moon, DBZ, One Piece, Ronin Warriors, Monster Hunter, Vampire Hunter D, .hack// and more
So much has gone on in the last few weeks, it feels so strange. Ok, let's see where to start.

School: I am still trucking along in school. I just need to finish out this semester and then one more class, well 1 more semester for me still then, then I will have my AA from Oxnard College and will also have all the transferable credits I can earn for my degree and I can transfer to California State University Channel Islands to continue my route to a Bachelor's degree. This semester I am taking two classes. World Mythology under Philosophy and Math for Elementary School Teachers. The Mythology class is interesting and is considering my "fun" class of the semester, while the Math for Elementary school teachers is my main class that I need for this semester. Math is interesting but hard especially for me with the different bases. (Like doing basic mathematical calculations not in our own base 10 number system) Division is the hardest for me right now. I don't think I ever learned good ways of doing division. Spring Break is soon, March 31st- April 6th so I am looking forward to that.

Personal: I finally moved out of the garage I have been living in since 2008 into a bedroom. Well it was actually my bedroom before but we brought my grandmother home from Oregon in 2008 and I gave my room to her when she moved in. She passed in 2012 and I was going to move back into the room, when my younger sister ended up taking it and finally she moved out of it at the end of last year. I didn't take the steps to move into it in case she tried to move back in, but now it was decided she was gone and I could move back in. I started in early Jan doing small steps and even now I am still not all the way moved back in. Some of my clothes and boxes are still in the garage so I need to do that soon. Maybe during spring break. I also got some news from a close online friend that she will be town at the end of April and that she is going to come visit me and WOW I am just excited. Very Very Happy. 

Koumei: The 20 pound black fluff ball is doing very well. You can not tell that about 1 year ago He wasn't doing so well from that attack. I think he is enjoying being around me and being my room. He loves to steal my chair right as I am about to sit in it. haha. He will be 4 this year in May. 

Art: Art has been progressing slowly since the beginning of the year. As stated above classes got me busy all the time. The awesome thing is that I was accepted into :iconpoke-noir: A 1920's pokemon gijinka role play. I saw my friend :iconjaciopara: submitted an application and after looking through all the group information I wanted to join as well; so I spent a few days researching and gathering information and finally got the app together and my character designed. His name is Nastas Lukin and he is a drifloon Drifloon Emoticon  Police Officer. Make sure you check him out PokeNoir Nastas Lukin by Shagami.

Kiriban: My 50,000 Kiriban came and gone without anyone claiming it. So I am making a new one at 51,000. Right now as I type this up I am at 50,301 so It's close but still a little far away. Who ever gets it will get a drawing of something. More details on that will be made when the Kiriban gets closer. 

Conventions: I usually go to Anime Expo in LA during the summer however this year is most likely a no-go. I usually get to go as a gift from my friend and his mom for my birthday and she really needs knee surgery and a new vehicle so my friend and I agreed to sit this year out for her to do what she needs to get done without worrying about taking us. She has bought a new (used) vehicle just a few days ago, however she still needs to do some work to it, so any info on going or not is still in the air since she once said that if she got a car she might take us this year. If I do go it may be only for a day or two, not all four like usual, and I will be cosplaying if I can. Planned outfits are Aura from .hack and Natalia from Tales of the Abyss.

Games: I have been playing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles lately. Just finished the Wind Seal and Collete loosing all touch, with the lovely hot/cold/hot coffee scene. I been taking it slow when playing, you know taking my time, doing side quests, etc. I have also been playing Final Fantasy 14: Realm Reborn. I have many characters and my main is a female Hellsguard Roegadyn named Shining Twilight. (don't ask) She is currently a level 43 Warrior. I am trying to get to the Gaurda battle at the moment in the main story quests. I haven't started any crafting or gathering on her much since I find it boring... The server she is on is Brynhidr, I have two more characters on that servers plus a couple more on different servers. I am always looking for people to play with. I finally got Fire Emblem: Awakening so I have been trying to play that as well. I am only on chapter 2 I think and trying to get a hang of the characters and stuff. I have beaten Path of Radiance but that was so long ago...^^; I keep trying. I also been playing a mobile game called Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. I currently have a few crewmate spots open so if you play send me a note.comment and we will add each other. If you don't but want to I have invitation codes as well but its only on mobile phones like Androids and Iphones. 
well I guess this makes a good stopping point on the updates. I hope everyone has a good day!
See ya all later
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Evermore by Kusao Takeshi Record of the Lodoss War
  • Reading: Patalliro!
  • Watching: Nobunagun; Nobunaga the Fool
  • Playing: FF14:AAR
  • Eating: Sunflower seeds
  • Drinking: Tea


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